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Molecular structure characteristics

1. Molecular Structure & Crystallinity

 The molecular orientation and crystallinity of polymers are one
of the most important factors in the performance of organic
electronic devices. Depending on the crystallinity, the mobility of
the OTFT may vary several orders of magnitude.

Polymer arrangements that are advantageous for performance
enhancement include edge on structure, large grain size, and
spherulite formation in low molecular weight materials.

We are studying to produce high performance electronic devices
through favorable molecular alignment and high crystalline
arrangement of polymers.


2. Morphology

 Organic electronic devices typically consist of
several layers. Therefore, the morphology of
the surface and the interface has a great
influence on the device characteristics.

By forming suitable interface of device, it is
possible to smooth the charge transfer and
control the grain/domain size.

Also, by confirming the surface morphology, we
can identify the shape of the nanowire, which is
advantageous for charge transportation, and
molecular self assembly.

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