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2019 - 1

  • Young Jin Jang, Yoo Eil Jung, Gun Woo Kim, Chang Yeon Lee* Yeong Don Park*

  • RSC Adv. (2019) 9, 529.

    • Metal–Organic Frameworks in a Blended Polythiophene Hybrid Film with Surface-Mediated Vertical
      Phase Separation for the Fabrication of a Humidity Sensor

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  • Young Jin Jang, Yoo Eil Jung, Eun Hye Kwon, Chang Yeon Lee*, Yeong Don Park* (Y. J. Jang and Y. E. Jung contributed equally)

  • Macromol. Res. (2019) 27(4), 421.

2019 - 2

2019 - 3

  • Jung Hun Lee, Yena Seo, Yeong Don Park, John E. Anthony, Do Hun Kwak, Jung Ah Lim, Sunglim Ko, Ho Won Jang,
    Kilwon Cho & Wi Hyoung Lee

  • Sci. Rep. (2019)

    • Effect of Crystallization Modes in TIPS-pentacene/Insulating Polymer Blends on the Gas Sensing Properties
      of Organic Field-Effect Transistors

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2019 - 4

  • Seonghun Jeong, Byung Hoon Kim, Yeong Don Park, Chang Yeon Lee, Junyoung Mun**, Artur Tron*

  • J Alloy Compd (2019) 784, 780.

    • Artificially Coated NaFePO4 for Aqueous Rechargeable Sodium-Ion Batteries

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2019 - 5

  • Artur Tron*, Alexander Nosenko, Yeong Don Park, Junyoung Mun*

  • J. Ind. Eng. Chem (2019) 73, 62.

    • The Solid Electrolytes Li2O–LiF–Li2WO4–B2O3 with Enhanced Ionic Conductivity for Lithium-Ion Battery

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2019 - 6

  • Eun Hye Kwon, Young Jin Jang, Gun Woo Kim, Min Kim*, Yeong Don Park*

  • RSC Adv. (2019) 9, 6356.

    • Highly Crystalline and Uniform Conjugated Polymer Thin Films by a Water-Based Biphasic Dip-Coating Technique
      Minimizing the Use of Halogenated Solvents for Transistor Applications

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  • Ja Yun Choi, Su Jeong Kang, Hyun Ho Kim, Yeong Don Park* (J. Y. Choi and S. J. Jeong contributed equally)

  • Org. Electron. (2019) 71, 150.

    • Effect of Solvent Structural Isomer on Microstructural Evolution in Polythiophene Film during Solidification

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2019 - 7

2019 - 8

  • Jin Yeong Na, Boseok Kang, Yeong Don Park*

  • J. Phys. Chem. C (2019) 123, 28

  • Jun Hwa Park, Yu Ra Choi, Bo Yeon Min, Jun Young Moon, Jae Won Lee, Hyun Soo Jang, Yeong Don Park*

  • Polym. Kor. (2019) 43, 553

2019 - 9

2019 - 10

  • Gun Woo Kim, Eun Hye Kwon, Min Kim, Yeong Don Park*

  • J. Phys. Chem. C (2019) 123, 23255

    • Uniform and Reliable Dip-Coated Conjugated Polymers for Organic Transistors as Obtained by Solvent Vapor Annealing

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  • Artur Tron, Seonghun Jeong, Yeong Don Park*, Junyoung Mun*

  • ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. (2019) 7, 14531

    • Aqueous Lithium-Ion Battery of Nano-LiFePO4 with Antifreezing Agent of Ethyleneglycol for Low-Temperature Operation

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2019 - 11

2019 - 12

  • Hyo Eun Bae, Yeong Don Park, Tae-Hyun Kim, Taeho Lim, Oh Joong Kwon* (H. E. Bae and Y. D. Park contributed equally)

  • J. Ind. Eng. Chem. (2019) 79, 431

    • Carbon-Caged Palladium Catalysts Supported on Carbon Nanofibers for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

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  • Hye Su Kim, Jun Hwa Park, Wi Hyoung Lee, Hyun Ho Kim*, Yeong Don Park* (H. S. Kim and J. H. Park contributed equally)

  • Soft Matter (2019) 15, 7369

    • Tailoring the crystallinity of solution-processed 6,13-bis(triisopropylsilylethynyl)pentacene via controlled solidification

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2019 - 13

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